I am an aspiring author, juggling a day job, and I have three children. The youngest one is a newborn.  I wish sleep is optional.

I was born in the Chinese quarters of Saigon. I arrived in Australia when I was seven. As an adolescent and in my early twenties I caused much stress for my traditional parents by rebelling against Chinese ways. Good Chinese girls should date men of the same culture. They should also want to be a doctor, lawyer, accountant or other similarly steady and respectable professions. But I dreamt of becoming an author, and I had Caucasian boyfriends.

Now, in my mid-thirties, I have found some common ground with my parents. They’ve accepted my Croatian-Australian husband, mostly because he is the father to their much loved grandkids. As for the writing, well they still wonder where and why I have inherited this most inconvenient arty gene.

I’m crazy about historical fiction and period dramas, especially those set in the Regency era, 19th century England and Old China. In early 2016, on a research trip  to China, for my novel, I came across Panzi, an Old China dress up photography studio, in Shanghai. It was the highlight of my trip, dressing up in Hanfu and Qing dynasty costumes is a dream come true.

My short memoirs have been published in literary magazines like Etchings and Wet Ink. I am the winner of the 2013 Ada Cambridge Prize ($1000).


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