Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings

Looking for a family movie that is engaging for you and your kids? Kubo and the Two Strings is a rare gem.

Finding a film that amuses my children is easy. They love anything with animals, magic, action or catchy songs. But I’m often bored by the predictable storylines in most animated films. I’m also not a fan of excessively cheerful and morally rigid characters — who are either absolutely “good,” or “bad.” I like characters, even in children’s stories, to be slightly gritty, ambiguous and reflective of real people.

Kubo and the Two Strings is a rare animated film that fits the above description. Plus, it is set in a fantasy, period Japan. I’ve a soft spot for period films and books, so Kubo and the Two Strings had me hooked from the beginning. If nothing else, I would have enjoyed the costumes, the magical origami characters and the scenes from a quaint Japanese village.

But I’m intrigued from the opening scene. A beautiful woman dressed in a majestic kimono, sails in a fragile boat. It is soon engulfed by a menacing storm. Mammoth waves drag her to the sea-bed before spitting her onto an abandoned beach. She hauls her battered body to the side of her howling infant. The baby is missing one eye—stolen by his grandfather.

From this scene, Kubo and the Two Strings leaps from strength to strength. There is no dull moment, and the ending is bittersweet. In summary, this is an animated film that I would be happy to watch again, and again with my kids.


The following synopsis for Kubo and the Two Strings is taken from IMDB



Kubo lives a quiet, normal life in a small shore side village until a spirit from the past turns his life upside down by re-igniting an age-old vendetta. This causes all sorts of havoc as gods and monsters chase Kubo who, in order to survive, must locate a magical suit of armour once worn by his late father, a legendary Samurai warrior.

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